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The Art Of Telling A Story

Updated: Sep 17, 2020

Telling a story extended around the world from the ancient period. Emotional purposes, aesthetics or communications, and creative situation are the definition of Art. Audiences are conveyed message, entertained by a good story. Those who are in tourism profession, they create experiences, which become stories in return. The art of telling a story is something which is difficult and complex to some people, but to some certain skilled members it is very easy to them to tell a story.

Storytelling has many different ways to express.

1. Stories can be expressed through images

2. Through videos, we can tell a story

3. Through books, stories can be written

4. Through blogs, stories can be read

We all are storytellers

What has to be done to make a story great? How to become a great storyteller? Telling a story is something that comes naturally, it starts at a very young age, good storytelling, and great storytelling there is a difference between them.

History of storytelling

In history, it is recorded long before that stories had existed, and throughout the ages, it is proved that the telling of stories has changed drastically. Stories were always fascinated by movies to novels, from cave paintings. Methods of telling a story have been changed, but the desire for storytelling and hearing stories has remained the same, and the way we look at life still impacts greatly.

Telling a story is as old as human history. Storytelling was originated from cave drawings, visual stories, and then to oral traditions, in which stories were passed from one generation to another by orally. Then there was a change formed into written, typed stories, and printed.

Stories are powerful.

A story teaches us morals-the values that the author thinks people should live up to. Stories teach history. Stories entertain us. Stories make us think in such a way where we’ve never thought of them before. Stories make us laugh, cry. Telling a story makes people connect with each other.

How stories are said to children

To build up positive energy in children, use actions and happy body language while reading a story. And while reading the quotes use different voices for different characters and make kids laugh! The best time to tell a story is during bedtime, when you are feeding your kids, while you are traveling with them outside, etc.

Children love stories.

For better situations, at any time, and at any point stories have the power to flip.

When your child is not eating tell them a story and they will eat.

When your child is getting bored to entertain them tell a story they will be happy.

When a child is doing tantrum at that point of time tell a story to them to make them calm.

But today, unfortunately, telling a story to kids is no longer used because parents hand over the gadgets to their kids so that they can escape from giving their precious time to their kids.

And from here the problem begins….without stories; children miss their kids' mental development.

The art of Business storytelling

Magazine and TV ads took out businesses in the last ten years to captivate their audiences. But today, the digital media disrupted this. To fragment audiences, brands now have to tell stories in many ways-online and offline.

· Figure Out Your Story

To understand the company’s past, present, future, values, and beliefs it is said by a story. How did the company start? Who are the people who started the company? And what was their mission and vision behind starting the company?

· Test and Iterate

Once you got the base for a story, share it, test it with everyone, and try to get the feedback from them and if needed try to improve it.

Everyone has a story to tell. Some people are natural storyteller and some don’t have that ability to tell a story. But everyone has the art of telling a story inside them.

Emotions are injected into the stories if the person is a good storyteller.

The same story can be said by two different people with two different results. One person fascinates the audience by telling the story while the other by checking its watch. A good story doesn’t separate from a bad story from the story material, but the emotion which is narrated in the story is the one that differentiates stories from one story to another.

The person who is listening to the story actually synchronizes with us when we are telling a story. The stories are so much attached to us that when a person is telling a story not only we synchronize with them but we actually start thinking in stories. Stories are explained to know how things work, how to make a decision, and justify the decisions we make. To create our own identities we even tell stories.

The process of telling a story

1. What happened in your life is identified by telling your story…

2. Be clear how will you tell a story ...

3. The story should be short and clear while telling a story ...

4. You should set your mind that you want to share your story ...

5. After listening to your story the audience should be inspired by your story and they should take action.

Creative storytelling

With your content, you can engage the viewers this is creative storytelling. By creativity you can attract them, bring them into your world, and you can connect a relation between you and your brand product in the business world. To get success in your business you should have a unique voice and tell an impactful story in creative storytelling.





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