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Storyboarding or tarot reading

Origin of storyboard:

Christopher Finch of Walt Disney has credited the animator by creating the idea of drawing scenes on separate sheets of paper by pinning them on a bulletin board in the same order which is called the first storyboard.

About Storyboarding:

A storyboard is a graphic representation in which visualizes the present information of direction of the cells to form storytelling by explaining a lot of processes, by showing the passage of time.

Usage of Storyboard:

This storyboard has created some of the final products used to illustrate the story of changes based on a timeline for navigation.

Introduction of Tarot Reading:

One of the historians called Tom Tad for little said tarot card has begun in Europe in 1375 which has learned from Islamic societies who had used from the centuries before the Europeans. In the beginning, the concept was not good but gradually when it is considered they had created their own deck which is used to predict the future.

Though tarot is a modern craft that was introduced in the year 1400 when pictorial cards were originally used.

This is used not only for playing the games but also for a prediction or the fortune-teller that has started in the year 1785.

About Tarot Reading:

This card is used when can be gained through past, present, or future by getting some of the questions when it is drawn through interpretation of the cards.

How storyboard is different from tarot reading:

In this storyboarding tarot is an advanced way by interpreting in an intuitive manner through advanced knowledge by presenting a visual narrative by mapping through the sequence of images and frames. These comic books and graphic novels are very essential in the form of storyboarding which is used by filmmakers as an outline or guidelines for making finished products like movies or television commercials.

This narrates some of the tools through pictography through the story-telling device which particularly effective for doing solo readings.





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