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About Comics:

Comic Book is a collection of strips, which is usually combined with text to form a sequence that is combined to form the images with a series of different images.

Origin of comics:

Although comics have some origins in 18th century Japan, comic books were first popularized in the United States and the United Kingdom during the 1930s.

  • Creation of comics

The comic strip was created and pictured as the first comics book in 1827 by Rudolphe Töpffer, of Switzerland' which was considered in Europe and America.

This American comic book called “Funnies on Parade” was published in 1933 from the comic strips in newspapers including such favorites as Mutt and Jeff, Joe Palooka, and Skippy.

  • First comics book started

This American comic book called “Funnies on Parade” was published in 1933 from the comic strips in newspapers including such favorites as Mutt and Jeff, Joe Palooka, and Skippy.

  • First comic superhero

The character which is costumed is called “The Ghost Who Walks” who is the first superhero on his own newspaper comic strip on February 17, 1936, in which Lee Falk has created this character.

  • Oldest superhero

In 1934 the superhero called Mandrake who is a Magician, by profession had acted before four years to become a Superman, to which he made people believe easily.

  • World’s most expensive comic book

This original copy called Earth to Superman costs nearly cost 10 cents which became the world's most expensive comic book which is raked in $3.2 million.

  • Rarest comic book in the world

This is widely collected, where few copies exist. The New Adventure Comics which is the rarest comic book in the world has only 9 registered copies.

How Comics’ books are important in our day to day life

Comics are not only graphic but it is a novel that most people do not understand the importance of novel by reading. Some of the benefits of reading comic books are as follows:

· #1: Comic Books Help People Learn to Love Reading

Lots of people, who are struggling to improve their reading skills, especially those who are very poor can have a lot of benefits from the visual format of comic books and graphic novels.

· #2: Comic Books Help Us Think Differently

By reading the comic books you will develop a good number of skills that are required to form the texts with higher levels of difficulty. When people read comic books, they will gain a lot to learn about the information differently.

· #3: Stories May Be Good for Your Brain

Reading comic books improves knowledge and helps to think in different components that they read with a good number of components. These are drawn to form good entertainment such as television and video games, and other reading activity which is usually involved in processing.

· #4: Comic Books Are Cool

We must keep the habit of reading books especially the stories which are very useful to our brain. This shows how reading makes life change through a novel through neurons which not only they read but also they can actually change the stories in which our brains function and the ways we think

#5: Comic Books Are More than Just Superhero Stories

Some of the superheroes have been probably seen in movies and other events in which they are very hot and cool. They originate from the big blockbuster where we won’t enjoy the stories such as “The Avengers” or “The Dark Knight”.

Some of the graphic novels and graphic nonfiction books which are having a huge bundle of the book such as “Alison Bechtel’s” autobiography, “Fun Home”, “Marjane Satrapi’s that explore the themes and feelings with the nature of graphic novels and experience these themes in different ways when you will read the traditional book.

The Benefits for comics in Students Learning

Everyone enjoys a good comic book story which is very fun and easy to teach especially the kids which they are used for educational propose.

These graphics have both text and images which have both text and images which have been able to learn and entertain the comics that have the ability to reach and entertain the people.

  • Some of the students help us to build knowledge

Everyone enjoys a good comic book story that makes fun and easy to reach and entertain the people.

Students get a lot of difficulty in reading which they have to face a very huge problem so to discouraging them they have to keep a habit of learning and read of their own in a different manner. Those skills that are poor in reading must encourage them with their own graphic styles which they can continue to promote literacy among learners in new and innovative ways.

  • When students start to study their own allow the parents to participate with them during the learning process

Nowadays parents are very busy working and they do not involve a child’s education. So they must come to know about the child about how they learn. For young children, parents take a lot of strain on education which they will feel a lot of stress in scheduled class time and lectures.

  • Make the students imagine the pictures while reading comics

Students can shape their imagination through the learned class by learning through the different stories with different meanings which include imagination, sequencing, storytelling, critical thinking, and creativity. Each time when they look at the storybook, it gives a completely different story and meanings with defining words that create a blank slate which your students can shape with their imagination.

  • Students get easy to find creativity while having a good number of books

They have educational benefits for students which include imagination, sequencing, storytelling, critical thinking, and creativity. Whenever they look at the book, they will find it a completely different story with different meanings. These pictures have no words in which they can create a blank slate on your student which they can help with different images that they have learned in the class.

  • All Schools are very expensive

A Lot of people have been facing the financial crises of the fee structure which has become common so they are not getting the best possible education comparing to the prices, which has become the bargain, so the costs of labs are affordable for all schools.

  • Students inspire a lot of creativity

Students will find good creativity through graphic novels that have a great tool to enhance the education of students. They inspire parents, teachers, and students to approach education differently.

  • Easy to learn

Students will have a lot of fun that creates the form of what they have learned in class. Some of the images that will help you build up concentration and makes them understand what they learn.

How comics’ studio works in animation

In these comics when superheroes weren’t exactly like others there is lots of-cartoon programming, but now we can see it is very hard to walk outside without seeing some sort of advertisement. It’s a very good time to be looking back at some of the movies and TV series that blazed the trail.

  • X-Men

These are the animated series that are brought most of the people who had taken birth around the late '80s and early '90s into the comics in the first place. When we read the comics this article series had found who had a good influence.

  • Todd McFarlane’s Spawn

These are an animated adaptation that is viewed by children, which a lot of people found odd when it was first aired. This HBO series set out to prove once and for all that animation and comics.

  • Batman: Mask Of The Phantasm

In this technology development, Spider-Man is the villain in all mirrors that are inherent in the dangers of without regulation.

  • Justice League: The Flashpoint Paradox

They have really afforded in to build up the animated universe by consistently crafting with excellently animated adaptations of the stories as long as everyone else forgets all of his screw-ups by putting everything back together.

  • Big Hero 6

They will never match up to the original series which let down a lot of fans when they decided to cancel this beloved series.

  • The Lego Batman Movie

The whole movie was packed with references for the comics but the way that they made sense for the story brings back to voice with another excellent movie which is made by a production team that has already assembled a truly fantastic concept about how you feel.

Several comic book writers had worked on their way to writing an episode with the series that had shown in a successful toy line story.

This animation had been adapted very beautifully by some of their best comics in the last few years which they had adapted with a no-brainer.

  • Batman Beyond: Return of the Joker

This character that has created the entry for their story which has better example called as “Batman Beyondwhich another tale is much older to struggle and keep fighting the good that is time, Bruce is able to find a true heir which someone can carry on his mantle and fight for what’s right in Gotham. This is an animated series and “The Adventures of Batman” and “Robin”.

This is the first time many had seen what Batman could look like without all the trauma and pain of his past constantly haunting him.

  • Spider-Man: Into The Spider-Vers

They have created beautiful animations and character designs which is the best-animated comic and book adaptation is the best adaptation of our lifetime. It is not just that the movie was packed with so many Spider-Man that are referenced so you could hardly blink without missing something.





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