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Origin of illustration

During the period of 15,000 B.C, some of the earlier illustrations had been existed and appeared through cave paintings which were created by Lascaux, of France with beautiful images with pictorial representations or logograms in succession, and important events. In the ancient civilizations of Greece and Italy, this art has a good attraction to honor the gods, humankind, cultural heroes, and festivals with the mythological tale, literature, funeral scenes, and sporting events that were drawn.

In about mid-1700s, this Industrial Revolution had good printing technology that has improved very fast and rapidly so that more publications were distributed which became common in our daily life. Thomas Bewick had established a studio for the creation and printing of commercial illustration which had used including working for children, educational materials for schools, natural history plates, and title-page art for


About Illustration

This is a form of writing which is used in the picture that increases the growth of technology in the form of decoration which interprets and processes with designs.

Editorial Illustration

It is a text that develops in a unique idea that communicates the word that is created by artwork used by the text an article in magazine and newspaper. It is an exciting field because it allows the illustrator to inject their own opinions.

Main Types of Illustration

  • Traditional illustration

  • Modern illustration

This is the time when cave people began to draw figures on walls which are hand-drawn artwork illustration is still a significant manner of communication and expression. Modern illustration is the use of software such as Photoshop and Illustrator.

Types of Traditional Illustration

  • Woodcutting Illustration

This is one of the oldest and popular techniques of illustration during the middle ages. They have carved the blocks when books have begun to be published in large quantities.

  • Pencil Illustration

This tool has lots of effects which have, shades, lines, and effects. Artists may choose to use either pencil to sketch their ideas by applying varying different types of shades, effects, and line weight of a single color, graphite lead to different colors to achieve their desired effect.

  • Charcoal Illustration

This type of illustration is used in stories, portraits, and rough construction which needs visibility and blends it very excellently that creates beautiful effects and shadows. To prevent smudging, they use fingers or blend the tools.

  • Lithography Illustration

Lithography is derived from the Greek word which means stone. It was started by drawing on the surface of smooth limestone plates with the help of oil, fat, or wax.

It is traditional illustration styles and techniques that complement each other. Some of the books that are printed using a modern version are known as offset lithography.

  • Watercolor Illustration

This is used for storytelling in which the artwork is created in children’s books that has a creative combination of light shades that creates the watercolor illustration.

This watercolor creates the effects and shades by adding water to create different transparencies of the pigmented color.

  • Acrylic Illustration

These artists use acrylic paints on various kinds of surfaces such as cloth or canvas to create an illustration. These are available in different finishes and water-resistant once they dry up.

It is easy to work with people who are just beginners and can achieve effects with different kinds of surfaces and water-resistant.

  • Pen and Ink Illustration

By applying a single color applies to tints, plain and fine lines with different characteristics and densities that are used in connection with dots for creating technical drawings or diagrams.

They have high contrast which the elements they are using the medium characterized by fine lines such as dots, lines, and densities that are used to obtain the effects.

Types of Modern Illustration

They are having various kinds of software that are used in different styles that include Photoshop, Illustrator, Ink scape, and so on. If you are a traditional artist looking to set foot into the world of modern or digital methods of art can be categorized by the format which converts into images.

1. Modern illustration can be broadly divided into two main categories

  • Freehand Digital Illustration

Freehand digital illustration is created in the same way how artists use pen and ink to create a traditional illustration. These digital arts are used by stylus or tablet pen which can create the styles through the appropriate use of multiple colors, tools, and brush that can zoom or enlarge them to a certain extent, or it will appear blurred. This can be also used for storyboarding, animation, recreation, etc.

  • Vector Illustration

This has been created and represented on creating axes for determining the direction of the path that can be saved in PDF, EPS, or SVG extensions which can be zoomed.

These are freehand digital illustrations that can be used to print media with text and typography which can be easily rotated, skew, stretch, and change the graphics for getting the desired outcomes.

The Role of Illustration in Children’s Book

This is very important in children’s books where the images can learn and understand which will come across in daily life to educate a lot of images so they can understand the good story in the text.

When a child starts to learn or read they will find it easier to understand if the book has pictures that help them to relate the story easily. The main attraction for the children is the colorful pictures in the book that they will respond to with ease than the words which will remember the story.

If you have a great story to tell then the good book does not hesitate but they have their own.

Some of the Important illustration studios in the USA

There are two types of Illustration companies’ studios and agencies.

  • Illustration studios are usually run by a small team of illustrators that communicates and creates the materials.

  • Illustration agencies represent across the globe who works on commissions that handle the communication and transfer project those who work on skills to fit your project.

Illustration Companies: Studios

  • Design Garden

Design Garden is a graphic design and studio that offers various creative solutions to the businesses that provide portraits, web design, artistic logos, business card design, and more services related to illustration and visual creativity.

  • Truly Design Studio

Truly Design Studio is an art design that offers graffiti artwork that decorates the mural art and custom design studio which is based on Torino that is truly designed that works on international markets.

  • Mojo Digital Studio

Mojo Digital Studio provides a high-quality of graphic design that is used for businesses such as logos, print design, infographics, illustrations, exhibition design, as well as web design and photography.

  • Studio Muti

Studio Muti is a based on graphic design studio and designers that can take on every kind of visual project. is a based on graphic design studio and designers that can take on every kind of visual project.

Illustration Companies: Agencies

  • Eye Candy

Eye Candy represents the works on international markets which represent the award-winning graduates that create the work for design campaigns packaging, publishing, and editorial in animation.

  • Central Illustration Agency

Central Illustration Agency that works in animators is the perfect match for your project behind the Central Illustration Agency that can be selected by many artists which they want to work.

  • Handsome Frank

Handsome Frank that works with artists who have worked with some of the biggest brands in the world, that the team is behind Handsome Frank which is confident which they know very well.

  • Folio

Folio is an illustration agency founded in London which works in different styles that can find them to provide the right illustrator for every kind of project that keeps a close relationship.

  • Illozoo

Illozoo is a visual communication agency that works globally and represents designers, illustrators, animators, and photographers, that offers a unique style that will meet creative ideas that provides art.

  • Anna Goodson

Anna Goodson Illustration Agency works with motion artists, GIF artists, which they have been on the market.





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