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Core Animation ‘Flip’ Animation

Updated: Jul 25, 2020

Core Animation first appeared in Mac OS X Leopard, but actually first emerged from the iPhone software team. It was shown publicly for the first time on August 7, 2006 during WWDC 2006. At the Macworld Expo 2007, Apple announced that the iPhone runs a specially adapted version of OS X and uses Core Animation.

Core Animation is a graphics compositing framework used by macOS (Mac OS X Leopard and later), iOS, watchOS, and tvOS to produce animated user interfaces. Core Animation can animate any visual element, and it provides a unified way of accessing Core Image, Core Video, and the other Quartz technologies. Core Animation rendering can be accelerated by a graphics processor.

What is Core Animation in Swift?

Core Animation provides high frame rates and smooth animations without burdening the CPU and slowing down your app. You configure animation parameters such as the start and end points, and Core Animation does the rest, handing off most of the work to dedicated graphics hardware, to accelerate rendering.

Core Animation

Cool Animations with Core Animation - Shaking Textfield & Pulse Animation

Animating Auto Layout Constraints - Core Animation with Swift 4.2, Xcode 10, iOS 12

Horizontal Core, Vertical Core & Balanced Core (3D Animation)

How to Tame Core Animation

Core animation is very powerful, yet building visuals with it seems like a hard thing to do. That is mainly due to its complexity and lack of modern resources available. However, there is a good reason to embrace this framework - it is one of the rare ways to make performant animations for Apple devices and there are tools coming to ease up the implementation.

Core Animation vs Core Graphics

Core Animation is a technology that relies a lot more on OpenGL, which means its GPU-bound. Core Graphics on the other hand uses the CPU for rendering. It's a lot more precise (pixel-wise) than Core Animation, but will use your CPU.

Core Graphics is an earlier framework exposing the Quartz 2D rendering API. It wraps the data structure and code used in drawing 2D graphics.

Core Animation is a higher level API. Under the hood it will still use some of the same Quartz 2D code for rendering (or other rendering approaches where appropriate) but more relevantly here it brings additional features specific for animation, for example:

· Compositing - Based on lightweight CALayers

· Timing

What is flip animation?

A flip book or flick book animation is a book with a series of pictures that vary gradually from one page to the next, so that when the pages are turned rapidly, the pictures appear to animate by simulating motion or some other change.

Page Flip Animation in After Effects

Create Flip Animation Effect Book in PowerPoint

3D Flip Animations in React Native

Flip Animation – CSS Animations

CSS animations are a lot of fun; the beauty of them is that through many simple properties, you can create anything from an elegant fade in to a WTF-Pixar-would-be-proud effect. One CSS effect somewhere in between is the CSS flip effect, whereby there's content on both the front and back of a given container.

Flutter - Flip Animation

It could be used for hide and show details of a product.





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