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Antidote for corona

Updated: Jan 12

When coronavirus has been started in December 2019 which was originated from the central Chinese city of Wuhan. A lot of scientists are trying their level best to find the vaccine to fight against the virus.

There is no special treatment for the disease caused by viruses, so when the patient gets affected by coronavirus the doctor gives some treatment that they can cure.

WHO Unites the Nation and Scientists to get an antidote to fight against a deadly disease called coronavirus

Testing for the virus treatment

When the patient suffers from the virus they have to go for a diagnostic test which they come to know about the infection caused. When this infection gets confirmed, then the patient gets treated given by the hospital authorities.

First, they will check the oxygen level, and then they will examine the temperature, by using a ventilator to push air into the lungs and had to drink plenty of fluids. Those who have mild infections will recover in about two weeks.

Does it take a lot of time to develop a vaccine?

A Lot of Scientists are finding the vaccines with new technology, and advancements in the laboratory with the trail but it gets unsuccessful while when it comes to the test.

In but same way the virus called SARS which had spread in 2003 there was no vaccine then researchers took about 20 months to get ready for human trials.

Zika virus which had spread in 2015 had developed had brought the vaccine for about six months.

Protection from Coronavirus

Coronavirus is a very deadly disease that is infected from one person it spreads to another person; to avoid getting infected we have to follow some precautions when we catch the flu. Touching your face must be avoided and keep some distance maintain who is coughing or sneezing.

Recovery time for the coronavirus disease

If the virus is exposed to a temperature of 26-27 degrees it will be killed, as it does not live in hot regions. Avoid in consumption of cold items especially ice cream and consume hot water. Gargle with warm water so that it kills the germs and prevents from tonsils.

More than 100,000 people have recovered

The strategy for India is outlined briefly as follows:

  • Travel Restrictions:

When the virus has entered through all over the world, the government from all the countries had done travel restrictions which will affect all the countries to avoid the virus which can be transmitted from one person to another person to another person.

  • Social Distancing:

As we have come to know that it is very risky when we leave home. So the better option is to stay home and avoid crowded people. If we need some essential needs like food and medicines then only you can leave home.

According to news reports, 86% of china in which the virus had been affected had been cured due to the procedure of social distancing.

  • Nation to go under lockdown:

This deadly virus that spreads from one person to another person must be very cautious, and a lot of people are losing their lives. To control the diseases certain precautions are needed in which the government has announced a lockdown of 21 days.

In this lockdown, people have to stay home without stepping out. Some of the essential commodities are only opened like medicine, milk, and its products, etc. All the educational institutions, IT/BT companies, bus/train/metro services, film chambers, and regional institutions have been closed.

Due to the coronavirus, many people have been affected, so it is our duty to help them by providing a good number of medical facilities including beds, and other types of equipment for the treatment.

People who have been affected by the virus had to stay in quarantine for 15 days so the government has made special requirements and had spent a lot of expenditure.

  • Map and engage Health infrastructure and personnel at all levels:

Every country is trying to control the virus by spreading through disease. Though nations have taken help from each other from struggling to do the best for helping their own people. Some of the types of equipment like masks, gloves, personal protection equipment, and ventilators are in a shortage of supplies worldwide and all the countries are buying what is available in the world market.

  • Stock PPE and other essential supplies:

Due to Covid-19, we all thank our doctors and nurses who had worked day and night for giving the treatment of the patients who had suffered.

The Government has adopted some measures which have been taken place such as social distancing, isolation, and quarantine to being stopped by the transmission of COVID-19.



Top Leaders of the Nation came forward to fight the deadly disease against COVID-19

Some of the world leaders and other health authorities are fighting for the deadly disease, but now these all are facing crises that had affected the global economy, which the disease has affected everyone.

So seeing all these crises and due to the loss of people which they have suffered had made a humanity group to join this group.

India gets a request from 30 countries for hydroxychloroquine

To get temporary treatment, the government of India has joined the hands to set the World Health Organizations’ for the chloroquine, medicine.

Prime minister of India Shri Narendra Modi and other country leaders had decided to stop the virus and give their best for the treatment of people who have suffered in their lives.

Even powerful leaders like Trump who have decided to seek help bought more than 29 million doses of hydroxychloroquine for the treatment of COVID-19 patients. These hydroxychloroquine (HCQ) medicines have started to produce with a capacity of 40 tones every month, with an estimation of 20 crore tablets of 200 mg each.

A Lot of nations have started to help each other and trying to struggle to do the best for their own people. Masks, gloves, personal protection equipment, and ventilators are very short in supply worldwide.

Both the National leaders India and the USA have maintained a good relationship have made a joint venture and would fight for Covid-19 diseases. This virus had spread in all the countries especially the USA who has a major hit of their citizens who are losing their lives had demanded hydroxychloroquine vaccine prevent from spreading the virus. This vaccine had given a trial test for the patients who have been affected by the virus have now become a success and some of them had responded which they had cured.

This is a malaria drug that was produced in India and when it was banned a day before due to the export of this drug but now it is responding and people are recovering. So they had decided to produce this drug and supply our neighboring countries.

In this pharmaceutical industry, there lot of stocks which has been supplied for domestic and international supplies that have been hauled up by the US Food and Drug Administration for the supply of substandard drugs. This drug has been supplied for nearly 187 countries including India, to control the disease and fight against viruses. This is just a trial for those people who have got infected.

This deadly virus has been adopted in China at Wuhan which a lot of people had affected not only in China but all over the world. So they are sending aid to Europe and the US with a good number of medical equipment and their teams have been sent to Italy which has been one of the worst affected.

The China Red Cross Foundation had set up an International Humanitarian Assistance Fund against Epidemics, to raise funds and help nations affected by the virus. They also supplied N95 masks, 17 lakh surgical masks, and 50,000 protective clothing for frontline health workers. Chinese billionaire Jack Ma had distributed the equipment to the US, and other countries in Europe and Pakistan. Similarly, they had given aid to Iran, South Korea, and Pakistan to fight the disease.





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