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9 Tips checklist for creating a 2D Pre – Production

Meaning of Pre – Production

The first stage for creating animations is pre-production process. During this stage, the story is developed by animation team and the animation script is written, the characters are designed, storyboard is produced, color palettes are selected, backgrounds are put together and voice-over are recorded.

Steps for pre – production checklist

Step 1: Research

In the pre-production process the first step is exploring about your audience. This also estimates the market to find out which is the best way for your trademark. Finding an audience is a difficult process. Audience is not just a customer. Knowing your audience’s interest will help you to increase your target.

Step 2: Clarify your budget

Once you are done with your audience expectations, you need to be clear with your budget. To have a control on your calculation you should have a correct guiding budget at the beginning of the pre-production. At times you should know your budget limit because it will frees you up to what you can do and what cannot do.

Step 3: Writing & concept

Writing script is the most important element in pre-production. You should know how to write the scripts. A proper concept has to be planned before putting them into motion for the explainer video.

Step 4: Decide your video length

When it comes to decide the length of the video you shouldn’t end-all between conversion and completion metrics. Decide the video length if your video length is under 30 seconds and hang on to 75% of all viewers, then accordingly adjust your script.

Step 5: Storyboarding

Storyboarding is the first chance to see if your story has the steadiness and convenience. This is the especially valuable financing stage of pre-production. Storyboarding is the first occasion to see whether your story has uniformity and convenience – having both of them is very difficult to sharpen when it comes to longer projects or films.

Step 6: Style and Illustrations

Now you must decide your style and illustrations. Once you are done with your full colour visuals which will give you exact idea of how it will look like when the video is finished. Video must be depended on characters, icons, text, backgrounds, and more. Now create final visuals with full story. In this animated explainer video the designs of the characters and the environments must be included.

Step7: Voiceover

A perfect voice over strengthen the video. The most attractive female or male voices with the correct accent should be selected to set the right footstep for the animated explainer video.

Step 8: Animation

After accepting storyboard and script, it’s time to put the words into action. Motion graphics and animation build the required images to go with the message. This stage needs recognition to detail and each step make certain that the visuals designed in the production stage give back the beginning concept.

Step 9: Post Production and Revisions

Video’s final look is given in this stage. Post-production entails the out-and-out procedure of editing and creating the background music, sound mixing, and graphics along with lower thirds. Once the video is wrapped up, the video is sent to the clients for their feedback and if needed any revisions.





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