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    We take a painterly approach or clean graphic style, our experienced 3D art team is ready at the helm with ZBrush, Maya, and 3DS Max in their tool kit. We offer in-game, cut-scene, and cinematic animation services to bring your characters to life, whether it's in 3D or After Effects.


    We offer a large range of services: from creative concepts exploration to high-resolution image and matte painting, from illustration and concept art to character design. “We are a flexible outsourcing partner, able to understand and challenge you through concept phases as well as deliver the high-quality assets you’re aiming for. In close collaboration with your development or marketing teams, we will provide you with a unique, impactful, and well-suited solution whatever the nature of your project!” We integrate into the essence of the brand and contribute creatively to support our partners on all stages of their production cycle, starting from concepts and prototypes, 3D art production, animation.


    “Whether it’s a storyboard, illustration, or concept art, we focus on the small details because that’s often where the magic is. We look for clients who need superb quality visuals, speed, and stability in delivery.”